Monday, 5 December 2011

A New Volkswagen

A Car for the People

Africa needs a vehicle for the people. When Dr Ferdinand Porsche created the original Volkswagen in the 1030's it was in response to a need to get Germany mobile. The car for the people had to be rugged, reliable, easy to maintain, and above all affordable. Although the second world war in Europe put an end to Hitlers dreams of a car for the people, the legendary VW Beetle went on to become an icon of motoring Seventy five years later, the world needs a new Volkswagen. The most pressing need is for transport in developing nations. Lack of mobility is one of the factors holding back development of many of these nations. Modern vehicles are outstanding examples of automotive engineering, yet in a developing nation context they are grossly lacking in many areas.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

No Hope for PC Sales People

How do YOU service your customers? When asked to quote to supply from a fixed minimum specification do you quote for items that may be in your current stock? Do you offer goods that nearly but not quite come up to the specified level of quality and performance? Do you offer other items based on your assumption the items requested are 'too expensive' so downgrade the clients specifications hoping a lower price will fool the customer into making a purchase? Do you take more than 24 hours to output the quotation?

If you answered yes or maybe to any of these questions, I suggest you close your business.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Hell I'm Good!

Solved Panda - the Internets Biggest Issue Lately

This Post is Total Self Aggrandisement anyway you look at it 

Google hit the online world last month with a new way of considering content to offer searchers - the Panda 2.5 algorithm.

Image from (Modified)
Let's just say there weren't all that many sites unaffected. My web blog (GraphiclineWeb) went from top of the results to 0 overnight, along with just about every site not carrying Google's AdWords and Pay Per Click ads (Well they are now mainly an advertising business after all). Bloody hell, sites that copied my articles word for word were getting page one placement - they all had Google Ads....

It's been a rough month not seeing Google as a referrer in blog stats. Lots of looking at the more technical aspects of blog. Checking content 'quality', hair pulling, teeth gnashing. Researching 'the Panda', writing about Panda. I ended up getting more referrals from Stumble Upon than search engines - 72 in one day... I've never had more than 1 or 2 a week from them.

Tired and Weary

Let Me Go Home!

Lord I'm Tired and I'm Weary, and I Want to Come Home.

Someone tell me what the hell I am doing here. Yeah, easy answer; trying to make a living. What For! This isn't living, it's just biding time. Enough!

Everything of any value is elsewhere. The love of my life and best friend is in Cape Town, My soul is split between Cape St Francis and Sodwana Bay. My friends are on the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal and in Cape St Francis. My home towns are Winkelspruit and Port Elizabeth.

And yet here I am, 14 hours a day and more building too successful websites as part of a long term business plan. Living from hand to mouth while doing so, keeping the existing customers happy, not even looking for new clients as they will keep me here, instead trying to hand existing ones over to others for any work not 'online'. And I ask myself WHY? And I cannot find a true answer if I ignore the practical factors. 

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Dropout to Succeed

Varsity Dropout a key to Success?

Among the worlds most successful people, a significantly large number are dropouts. Leaders in the fields of business, innovation, even the sciences, dropped out of the formal education sector and went on to become highly successful. Among these highly successful personages are: Steve Jobs (Apple, Pixar), Michael Dell (Dell Computers), Richard Branson (Virgin), Matt Mullenweg (Automattic -, Albert Einstein. The list is extensive. 

Thinking Out of The Box

An ability to think outside of normal parameters is considered an essential requirement for innovative and successful entrepreneurship.

Formal education teaches the 'accepted norms'. Had Albert Einstein been indoctrinated with the accepted scientific limitations of his peers, would he have gone on to become possibly the greatest theoretical physicist of the 20th century, or would his natural ability have been stifled by accepted  concepts that his ideas were 'impossible'

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Quote of the Decade

My Quote of the Decade

A comment made on LinkedIn Drupal Group discussion replying to the following question"

"I'd like to learn Drupal. What is the best resource?"

Andrew McClure Bloody mindedness is a helpful resource. A liking for banging one's heads against a brick wall. Just sheer persistence. The destination is worth it. 

Great minds think... Andrew!!!


Friday, 30 September 2011

Fair Remuneration and Productivity

What is Fair Remuneration?

It is definitely not minimum wage. No doubt everyone has their own idea of fair remuneration for work performed. Ardent capitalists, boards of directors and shareholders will consider the lowest possible wage they can get away with paying their workers to be too much! Their only interest is how much they put in their own pockets - I wonder what these individuals consider a fair minimum wage to be for the little real PRODUCTIVE work they do? Nowhere near that of the average employee's requirement is certain.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Crap Websites

 Crap Web Sites from Experts

I found a bunch of really crap web sites over the past few days. Don't ask for the links - they are not worthy of receiving traffic and thereby getting their rankings improved. Besides, even this personal blog of rants probably gets better traffic than those sites

Monday, 5 September 2011

Gun Control Heaven for Criminals

Gun Control in South Africa

The subject of Firearms (guns in colloquial terms) raises emotive responses from many. Somewhere in recent times guns have become taboo. Apparently many people have been infected with the strange idea 'guns kill people' as if an inanimate piece of metal has a will of it's own. This impression seems to have invaded the highest level of society - the law makers. 

Friday, 2 September 2011

Blogs & Bloggers

Having a blog does not a blogger make

Courtesy of
There are blogs, then there are non-blogs! I find it strange how often I come across non-blogs. After going to all the trouble to start one, then using it for really ridiculous things

Let me elaborate:

Going through quite a large number of 'latest posts' today (Hell, i needed a break from the heavy stuff of the past few days, fixing computer bugs, working on 3 web site layouts, drafting the first several series of customer information articles for, Absorbing more Drupal, writing an article for Graphiclineweb blog, and so on...), I came across a surprisingly high percentage of these non-blogs.

Here's a few examples (and I am not including URLs - they don't deserve to get traffic, it will just encourage the 'authors' to continue with this nonsense.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Karma the wheel turns

Karma or Concern

Karma: The Wheel of Life
Karma is the concept of "action" or "deed", understood as that which causes the entire cycle of cause and effect. (wikipedia)
"neither a god nor a guru have any role in a person's karma—the individual is considered to be the sole doer and enjoyer of his karmas and their 'fruits'."
Simply put, Karma is: as you sow so shall you reap.  or in other words; what goes around comes around. It is the natural cycle of cause and effect.  We’re all part of one organic whole in which everything is interrelated and everything affects everything else.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Something New to Learn

Oh Yes! Something new to get my head into. 

Later this month I will be deploying Drupal, followed by WordPress, systems on my Graphicline domain. With a target date to begin deployment set for 21 July, I got hold of the Drupal installation and configuration material. Some 250 pages of relevant technical details for the set up required, and maybe another hundred pages of associated info. The book(s) will be available shortly for any interested viewer form my website Click Here

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


"Egoli" Is that gold in the air, or just everyday SMOG

Some people actually like this place! Well, good for them... Even some that live in the area like it!
Then theres those that HAVE LEFT and still say they enjoyed living here.. WHY DON'T YOU PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS AND COME AND LIVE HERE AGAIN!

Recently a friend and his better half was made an offer that can't be refused.... Transfer to Jhb from PE...

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Whingeing About The Economy: PE

I'm tired of hearing how bad things are in PE. The economy is dead, there’s no business, there’s no work, there’s no, ……., whatever!!!

Port Elizabeth
 Now forgive me if the ‘experts’ don’t agree with you’ all, but looking at economic commentary, it would seem you guys are not in such a pickle as you would have the rest of us believe.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Fukushima - Let Engineers Engineer

Fukushima – the shit that happens when engineers must bow to committees.

The events transpiring in Fukushima over the last several weeks raise the question of culpability. Who is ultimately to blame?

Fair enough, it took a natural event to cause the devastation, BUT, in a nation that is used to earthquakes and tsunamis, and the only nation on the planet to have been targeted by nuclear weaponry, I would think safety concerns would by in the forefront of design engineers’ minds.

I believe we are seeing here a similar situation to that of the space shuttle ‘accidents’, of which “Challenger” is the one closest to everyone’s’ hearts.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Rocket Science


How often I hear this term used to describe a process, method, task, or whatever.

I must be very stupid, because I come away feeling confused. What is the person using this term trying to convey to his audience. Someone, (evidently I lot brighter than I) am informed me the term is used to describe something that is quite simple and easy to do.

Now I’m even more confused. Surely that is conflicting statement. After all rocket science is just that, simple and easy. Humans somehow managed to build rockets quite some time before they built internal combustion engines. And we are led to believe, at least from discovered artefacts, these people were not very technologically advanced. So surely the terminology intending to describe a simple procedure should be “It’s Just Rocket Science.”

After all, rocketry is based on a small set of rather basic principles, action/reaction. Energy exerting a force (action) in one direction, results in an equal and opposite force (reaction) in the opposite direction. If my somewhat flaky memory serves, that sounds pretty much like primary school science to me. Fine, there are engineering aspects involved, especially if one wishes to launch an overweight lump of steel and more exotic metals into lunar orbit. Fuels can be somewhat unstable (that means they have a tendency to go bang at inconvenient times, but then so does nitro-glycerine).

Still, this doesn’t change the fact rocket science is pretty simple. As an 8 year old kid, my friends and self built rockets. Very simple devices, home made or otherwise ‘acquired’ black powder (laws were a little more relaxed in those days), strong lightweight tubing (used firework tubes were great – recycling even back then!), epoxy putty nozzles, a balsa wood stick to provide guidance. Using only basic diagrams available in any encyclopaedia.
Simple stuff. Quite a few even worked!

Friday, 25 March 2011

Elections Again

Here it comes again, Elections. Well sort of, seeing as these are local government, in other words municipal elections, and the population is asked to choose ‘parties’ to run their towns and cities.

Well quite honestly, I don’t know who I will vote for, or for that matter if I’ll even bother to vote….

Thursday, 17 March 2011


Something we should all have. Surfing the internet without a good AV program is akin to having unprotected sex with multiple known HIV positive partners.

There’s a plethora of apps to choose from, some are free, some you pay for. I’m one of those people whose a firm believer in the principle ‘you get what you pay for’. I do not see how anyone can produce an effective anti-virus app, distribute it for free, and THEN KEEP IT UP TO DATE. Heuristic scanning can only ever be a partial measure.

Friday, 11 March 2011


Damnit I’m pissed off with the quality of our food locally these days.

SA produces some of the finest fresh produce in the world, and we peasants back home get to eat the scrap. And it’s not about price and choice – there is no choice.

Not suitable for local consumption
Fruit is tasteless and hasn’t been ripened properly (in the sun on the tree) It is now 18 YEARS since I had an orange worth eating, and those I had to buy at the co-op packing plant in Kirkwood in the Eastern Cape, and they were what some of you oldsters may remember as ‘Outspan’ or ‘Uitspan’ Oranges. Recently I had half a bag of so called oranges (I don’t know where it came from), tried to eat one – chucked it. The rest I tried to turn into juice – less than half a glass from half a bag. Fuck that.

Monday, 7 March 2011

51 Rhinos – One Poacher One Bullet

51 Rhinos killed this year - March 2011

This disturbing statement was heard on the news today, prompting me to put aside my prepared ‘rant for the day’ in favour of what is definitely a more serious and poignant subject.

51 Rhinos poached in South Africa already this year!!!!! How long before there are none left to kill?

Sunday, 6 March 2011


I am a coffeeholic. There, I said it.

At Least 10 to 15 cups a day while working at my terminal. The first thing in the morning, coffee, then more coffee, then shower or bath, boot up workstation, coffee while it boots (It needs a full software re-installation – all the crap that accumulates has slowed it down – one day when I get fed up with waiting and have a spare 36 waking hours or so I can manage without the benefit of internet, e-mail, music, and so on. That’s how long it takes to install and do all the approximately 5GB of updates, system and application settings, and convincing ‘microdoft’ appys to use English UK as the default language. With numerous ‘you need to restart your computer to continue’ messages in between. ). Log on and more coffee. Get the idea?

Friday, 4 March 2011



This post is going to upset some individuals. Too Bad!

Apartheid was a crime against white South Africans. You ask, how can I make a statement like this? Read on and decide for yourself.

Apartheid DID NOT deny black South Africans shelter from the weather. It gave black people places to dwell. Black people, by your own decision you decided to leave your homes and congregate in your millions in the cities where 7 million or more of you live without work in abject squalor and filth.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Calling Number Withheld

Calling Number Withheld


Don’t you hate seeing that on your phone? I do.

I have an unswerving policy in this regard:- If your number is not displayed, FUCK OFF, I won’t take your call, under any circumstances

This practice is discourteous, rude and totally unacceptable. Don’t make the excuse you are calling form a computer to landline service. DEMAND your service provider includes your CONTACTABLE landline number as a line ID. Also please don’t let them tell you it’s not possible. BULLSHIT, all it takes is a few thousand lines of code, and I know someone quite capable of writing the code so if anyone requires his contact information, send me a request (With Full & Verifiable contact details, and I will pass it on.

Speed Kills. Bullshit.

What a crock. With all the speed cameras and other measures to keep drivers within the frankly ridiculous speed limits, the accident rate and death toll on South Africa’s roads is still catastrophic.

It’s not the speed of the traffic. Any accident involving a vehicle sustaining immediate deceleration exceeding 40km/h is almost guaranteed to be non-survivable.  Those ENCAP crash tests are carried out at speeds in the region of 35kph (look it up for yourself if you are really that interested). It’s the absolute incompetency and stone age attitude of the drivers that causes the crashes.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Sharksdonteatpeople. Well, not often anyway. When I started preparing this blog entry, I was asked, why sharksdonteatpeople? Well, it’s simple; I could have called it ‘dogsdontbiteme’ which is also true (apart form every dog I’ve had, all of which like nothing better than to bite my hands, arms, feet, whatever. But that’s in play, and they are in their opinion being gentle. My current mutt is a staffy X and his idea of gentle can be quite painful, but then you need to see what that jaw does when he intends to bite!), But that seemed to personal, so sharksdonteatpeople it is.