Thursday, 3 March 2011

Calling Number Withheld

Calling Number Withheld


Don’t you hate seeing that on your phone? I do.

I have an unswerving policy in this regard:- If your number is not displayed, FUCK OFF, I won’t take your call, under any circumstances

This practice is discourteous, rude and totally unacceptable. Don’t make the excuse you are calling form a computer to landline service. DEMAND your service provider includes your CONTACTABLE landline number as a line ID. Also please don’t let them tell you it’s not possible. BULLSHIT, all it takes is a few thousand lines of code, and I know someone quite capable of writing the code so if anyone requires his contact information, send me a request (With Full & Verifiable contact details, and I will pass it on.

But maybe all you blocked number users have a nefarious reason to hide your identity. All the call centres wasting time in trying to sell cellphone services to people by calling their cellphone. For fuck sake, where’s the intelligence – the CELLPHONE you are calling is already connected to a service, and after all, there's only 3 ½ networks in SA to choose from. Why would I want a cellphone service when I already have one. DUH!!!!

And the banking organisations, insurance companies, and all you other businesses following this practice; I am not going to discuss anything to do with my bank account or any other account or financial matter, on a line when I have proof of the callers bona fides. One might as well publish bank account details, PIN codes and passwords on the WWW, in the daily newspapers, on giant advertising billboards…

Come on ICASA and other authorities. You require and enforce controls on spam e-mailing; It’s time the same was done for SPAM TELEPHONE CALLS. You have required everyone to RICA proof of residence and so in order to cut down on the use of cellular technology by criminals. Allowing this despicable practice of NUMBER WITHHELD is a travesty of the very justice you are trying to enable. It is well time this practice was outlawed.

And all you people out there, here's something we all can do when seeing this message. Press the accept button, and PUT THE PHONE FACE DOWN on whatever surface is available – Then the caller has to pay for a call that gets no result (and yes, calls from a computer to cell or landline connection cost the caller) Maybe if we all do that, every time, these nefarious operators will get the message.

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  1. On RICA: Everyone I know who has RICA'd their phone now gets sms's offering a range of services from chatroom services to cellphone contracts to furniture sales. RICA is to track and number the population, not track criminals - And then the Govt sell our details to annoying service providers who flood our phone memory with crappy things we don't want, wasting our time over and over again.

    Ayakho, South Africans don't want this kind of crap, yabon?