Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Something New to Learn

Oh Yes! Something new to get my head into. 

Later this month I will be deploying Drupal, followed by WordPress, systems on my Graphicline domain. With a target date to begin deployment set for 21 July, I got hold of the Drupal installation and configuration material. Some 250 pages of relevant technical details for the set up required, and maybe another hundred pages of associated info. The book(s) will be available shortly for any interested viewer form my website Click Here

So, by then I need to have a pretty good working knowledge of Drupal, and the installation procedure. Of course, there's an easy way - 'Fantastico' will do an automatic install. But what's the point, then I still wouldn't know how to do it manually... And boring!

Over the next 15 days, a lot of information needs to get written into the 'grey-matter'. Despite a comment that's already been made - "you need much more time than that". Hey, I'm the bloke who picked up something new at the time, HTML4 from Zero to a functional website in less than 10 days... and within 2 months had the 2nd fastest growing site in South Africa.

That comment doesn't intimidate - it throws down the challenge.
I'm not a betting person (gambling is a fool's errand)... But any gamblers wanting a sure bet - put your money on me!!! You can't lose. And just to sweeten the bet... I also intend to install WordPress by the 27th of August... OK, I have been using WordPress on for a few months, so I don't need to find out what it does, just how to install and configure. then theres the little side fact - it's going on a Linux server, and the only thing I know about Linux is "  rm*  " which is one of the things you really don't want to do unless you are sure!

New Knowledge for Something New

Of course there's a very good reason to get this info into the mind - I need to begin developing a web site for a new business to business advertising concept in the very near future. The product may only be due for commercial launch on 1 June next year, but by then the site needs to be completely de-bugged and fully functional. And it's a big project! Initial overview shows at least 500 pages (if static html), Individual content management for more than 100 advertisers, subscribers, newsletters, Special Offers, Featured Product Highlights, and more.

Having had several estimates for the initial construction; any one knowing web design rates will get a picture of the content and intricacy of the site when considering a going rate of between R80 000.00 and R90 000.00 are in the ballpark - And those estimates were based on 60 initial advertisers. So more pages, more content, more to be done.

Another good reason to begin development now, so far ahead of time - Search engine ranking. Apart from planned paid for ads in the later half of 2012, the site on 'official' launch must have a decent Google, Alexa and Moz rank. And that takes time to achieve.

Oh Yeah!!! I Love Learning New Things

New things, ... almost as good as sex... After this brief encounter, PHP scripting, HTML5 (about 1000 A4 Pages - although probably only a fraction of that once the 'bumph' has been removed), CSS3,and 4 or 5 other web applications.

Looking like an enjoyable second half of 2011.

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