Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Waking Dreams or Bloody Desperation

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Howling wind, cloudy skies; for a brief moment I am back home. Walking down the road, I imagine I am walking down to the beach, fishing rod and bag. Then forced to take another breath of air, the dream is gone.

Unpleasantly dry, no humidity at all. Not the smell of salt air in my nostrils; no, just the stink of Gauteng. Dust, traffic fumes, broken waste pipes, rotting organic products.

A grasping hand clawing for the surface, failing, sinking. Where is there hope, or is there none left at all.

A waking dream or dreaming awake? Is this desperation or imagination? Is this the beginning of the end?

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

A Road to Nowhere

I feel I'm on a Road to No-where

More than three years after parting ways with a previous venture, and fiddling around with a desktop publishing service for 2 years, then concentrating on web related matters, I feel I am still getting no-where slowly.
Where do I want the road to lead: Anywhere north east starting from Cape St Francs - as long as it's on the coast - and I can fish... For that matter - anywhere on the coast wouldn't be bad...

How many more years before this business venture is established well enough to make the move possible? I have no idea. Hell, it's not even profitable at this stage, not nearly. If I look at the prospects - they should really be good. But, and here's the but, by now it should at least be breaking even... and it's not, not even nearly. So the goal is as far away as it was 3 years ago.

The Years Go By

As each year goes by, summer comes and goes, and another winter approaches; and I'm not getting younger. The past year I have really started to feel old. Is this lost hope, or just old age creeping up. Whatever it is, time is flying, and this phase must end, one way or another.

All these hours behind a computer screen... too many... All these years parted from my closest... No solution in sight. I'm tired now, have had enough. I need to return to the sea. Before it's too late...