Sunday, 26 August 2012

South Africa - Time To Leave

No Future For for Educated People in South Africa

It's sad but true. There is no future for educated people in this country. The ANC government has made that very clear. If you don't believe me, just look around you... Affirmative action means companies are forced to employ workers based on racial factors, not the quality of the individuals work - the best you can hope for is a job doing menial tasks, or if lucky enough to find work matching your skills, for atrocious wages

You ARE Wanted Elsewhere

Other countries want you. They want your skills, your South African readiness to work hard and learn. New Zealand wants you, England wants you...

Other English speaking countries around the world want you. Even Mozambique and Angola want you. It's only your nation of birth that doesn't want you and appreciate your ability...

Leave and Earn a Decent Wage

If you stay in South Africa and are lucky enough to get a job fitting your abilities, you will only earn a pittance. Buying a new small car will cost you a lot more than a years total income - you can buy a similar vehicle in Europe or the USA for less than 6 months total earnings.

Or do you want to stay here and  force your children to subsist on mealie meal. Poor fair for humans lacking essential nutritional value. Stay here and I hope in fifteen years time you can afford decent wholesome food - look at the increasing price of meat - even low grade meat...

Do you really want to live in a khaya - that's where you will probably be in twenty years time. Of course by then it will be hard to tell the difference between the slums and many of today's urban areas as infrastructure collapses under the lack of suitable skills to keep things functioning

It's Time to Leave

Any person living in South Africa today, who is not a personal friend or crony of a government minister or one of the few seriously rich must give serious though to leaving these shores, perhaps for good. Definitely anyone with a family and youngsters in the process of learning or entering the education system has to think of the good of their family and the future of their young ones. White skinned citizens really have little choice. There are absolutely no prospects for any young white person in the near or distant future in South Africa. Embedded government racism sees to that

Standards of eduction are declining yearly - last years foibles by government to lower the marking criteria for final year examinations pushed up the pass rate. So the government officials could crow about a success "Look how well we've done to improve education. But what value is an education based on lowered standards.

In the critical fields of study needed for higher level training, maths and sciences, only a minority of scholars followed these disciplines, and of those that did, a pitiful few achieved an adequate understanding of the subjects. An independent (U.S.A. based) maths learning institution estimates fewer than 1500 matriculants (out of nearly 1 million in 2011) had sufficient understanding of  mathematics to cope with first year university maths - required for any science degree as well as professional business courses.

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