Friday, 10 August 2012

China Blocked from My Websites

I'm on a Mission to Block China from My Websites

I don't want visitors from China viewing my websites, reading my articles, and especially trying to leave spam comments and hack my sites, so I block all Chinese IPs as soon as they are found in my site logs...
Harsh treatment? I don't think so. Call it one man's solo protest against the despicable urge of rich Chinese to buy Rhino Horn in the misguided hope it will strengthen their erections and rejuvenate their sex-drive.
I block other IP ranges as well, notably Russian Federation and it's former satellite republics especially Latvia, Ukraine, Estonia and others in that part of the world. These are denied access simply because I get no worthwhile traffic from any of these regions - the only thing coming from there is spam and hackers, so they get blocked. The difference is these are blocked more selectively than China. Chinese IPs (Internet Addresses) get blocked by the full range as soon as they are identified.

Chinese Injustice

While the Chinese government takes no action against the trade in rhino horn (not surprisingly as it's only their wealthy citizens in positions of power that can afford it) they saw fit recently to murder one of our citizens for the comparatively minor offence of trafficking in obnoxious substances.Perhaps it is time our own South African government re-introduced the death penalty, and used it to exterminate far eastern businessmen involved in the rhino horn trade.

What do Chinese offenders get... a few years behind bars. These middle-men in the Rhino trade are quite prepared to spend time in prison. They know before they even set foot on our soil the worse that will happen is 'time inside'. They know the triads will probably look after their families as long as they don't provide information about their pay masters...

China is No Friend Of South Africa

While our incompetent and misguided government sees 'BRIC' (Brazil, Russia, India and China) as friends of this nation, and a source of trade and investment, they fail to realise how one-sided the arrangement is. These BRIC nations are not interested in seeing South Africa prosper - their only interest is easy access to markets to dump their cheaply and poorly manufactured goods. Goods produced in deplorable working conditions by employees who are no more than slave labourers. Which is the only way than can sell their rubbish so cheaply.

Perhaps the government ministers who think China is such a good friend of theirs should find out what the Chinese phrase "monkey stinks like shit" means in their culture... I'll give you a clue if you don't know - It's an INSULT...

So, as far as I'm concerned - Chinese Internet Users are Blocked from my Websites
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