Friday, 30 September 2011

Fair Remuneration and Productivity

What is Fair Remuneration?

It is definitely not minimum wage. No doubt everyone has their own idea of fair remuneration for work performed. Ardent capitalists, boards of directors and shareholders will consider the lowest possible wage they can get away with paying their workers to be too much! Their only interest is how much they put in their own pockets - I wonder what these individuals consider a fair minimum wage to be for the little real PRODUCTIVE work they do? Nowhere near that of the average employee's requirement is certain.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Crap Websites

 Crap Web Sites from Experts

I found a bunch of really crap web sites over the past few days. Don't ask for the links - they are not worthy of receiving traffic and thereby getting their rankings improved. Besides, even this personal blog of rants probably gets better traffic than those sites

Monday, 5 September 2011

Gun Control Heaven for Criminals

Gun Control in South Africa

The subject of Firearms (guns in colloquial terms) raises emotive responses from many. Somewhere in recent times guns have become taboo. Apparently many people have been infected with the strange idea 'guns kill people' as if an inanimate piece of metal has a will of it's own. This impression seems to have invaded the highest level of society - the law makers. 

Friday, 2 September 2011

Blogs & Bloggers

Having a blog does not a blogger make

Courtesy of
There are blogs, then there are non-blogs! I find it strange how often I come across non-blogs. After going to all the trouble to start one, then using it for really ridiculous things

Let me elaborate:

Going through quite a large number of 'latest posts' today (Hell, i needed a break from the heavy stuff of the past few days, fixing computer bugs, working on 3 web site layouts, drafting the first several series of customer information articles for, Absorbing more Drupal, writing an article for Graphiclineweb blog, and so on...), I came across a surprisingly high percentage of these non-blogs.

Here's a few examples (and I am not including URLs - they don't deserve to get traffic, it will just encourage the 'authors' to continue with this nonsense.