Friday, 25 March 2011

Elections Again

Here it comes again, Elections. Well sort of, seeing as these are local government, in other words municipal elections, and the population is asked to choose ‘parties’ to run their towns and cities.

Well quite honestly, I don’t know who I will vote for, or for that matter if I’ll even bother to vote….

Thursday, 17 March 2011


Something we should all have. Surfing the internet without a good AV program is akin to having unprotected sex with multiple known HIV positive partners.

There’s a plethora of apps to choose from, some are free, some you pay for. I’m one of those people whose a firm believer in the principle ‘you get what you pay for’. I do not see how anyone can produce an effective anti-virus app, distribute it for free, and THEN KEEP IT UP TO DATE. Heuristic scanning can only ever be a partial measure.

Friday, 11 March 2011


Damnit I’m pissed off with the quality of our food locally these days.

SA produces some of the finest fresh produce in the world, and we peasants back home get to eat the scrap. And it’s not about price and choice – there is no choice.

Not suitable for local consumption
Fruit is tasteless and hasn’t been ripened properly (in the sun on the tree) It is now 18 YEARS since I had an orange worth eating, and those I had to buy at the co-op packing plant in Kirkwood in the Eastern Cape, and they were what some of you oldsters may remember as ‘Outspan’ or ‘Uitspan’ Oranges. Recently I had half a bag of so called oranges (I don’t know where it came from), tried to eat one – chucked it. The rest I tried to turn into juice – less than half a glass from half a bag. Fuck that.

Monday, 7 March 2011

51 Rhinos – One Poacher One Bullet

51 Rhinos killed this year - March 2011

This disturbing statement was heard on the news today, prompting me to put aside my prepared ‘rant for the day’ in favour of what is definitely a more serious and poignant subject.

51 Rhinos poached in South Africa already this year!!!!! How long before there are none left to kill?

Sunday, 6 March 2011


I am a coffeeholic. There, I said it.

At Least 10 to 15 cups a day while working at my terminal. The first thing in the morning, coffee, then more coffee, then shower or bath, boot up workstation, coffee while it boots (It needs a full software re-installation – all the crap that accumulates has slowed it down – one day when I get fed up with waiting and have a spare 36 waking hours or so I can manage without the benefit of internet, e-mail, music, and so on. That’s how long it takes to install and do all the approximately 5GB of updates, system and application settings, and convincing ‘microdoft’ appys to use English UK as the default language. With numerous ‘you need to restart your computer to continue’ messages in between. ). Log on and more coffee. Get the idea?

Friday, 4 March 2011



This post is going to upset some individuals. Too Bad!

Apartheid was a crime against white South Africans. You ask, how can I make a statement like this? Read on and decide for yourself.

Apartheid DID NOT deny black South Africans shelter from the weather. It gave black people places to dwell. Black people, by your own decision you decided to leave your homes and congregate in your millions in the cities where 7 million or more of you live without work in abject squalor and filth.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Calling Number Withheld

Calling Number Withheld


Don’t you hate seeing that on your phone? I do.

I have an unswerving policy in this regard:- If your number is not displayed, FUCK OFF, I won’t take your call, under any circumstances

This practice is discourteous, rude and totally unacceptable. Don’t make the excuse you are calling form a computer to landline service. DEMAND your service provider includes your CONTACTABLE landline number as a line ID. Also please don’t let them tell you it’s not possible. BULLSHIT, all it takes is a few thousand lines of code, and I know someone quite capable of writing the code so if anyone requires his contact information, send me a request (With Full & Verifiable contact details, and I will pass it on.

Speed Kills. Bullshit.

What a crock. With all the speed cameras and other measures to keep drivers within the frankly ridiculous speed limits, the accident rate and death toll on South Africa’s roads is still catastrophic.

It’s not the speed of the traffic. Any accident involving a vehicle sustaining immediate deceleration exceeding 40km/h is almost guaranteed to be non-survivable.  Those ENCAP crash tests are carried out at speeds in the region of 35kph (look it up for yourself if you are really that interested). It’s the absolute incompetency and stone age attitude of the drivers that causes the crashes.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Sharksdonteatpeople. Well, not often anyway. When I started preparing this blog entry, I was asked, why sharksdonteatpeople? Well, it’s simple; I could have called it ‘dogsdontbiteme’ which is also true (apart form every dog I’ve had, all of which like nothing better than to bite my hands, arms, feet, whatever. But that’s in play, and they are in their opinion being gentle. My current mutt is a staffy X and his idea of gentle can be quite painful, but then you need to see what that jaw does when he intends to bite!), But that seemed to personal, so sharksdonteatpeople it is.