Friday, 8 February 2013

Evil Wins When Good People Do Nothing

Evil will always triumph when good people stand by doing nothing. This is not an original idea (don't ask me who coined the phrase, but I know I read it somewhere), nevertheless it is as true today as it was when first stated.

graphic statement evil wins when good men do nothing with photo of albert einstein
As a species we love to chatter, meaningless, futile, sounds emanating from our mouths... We love to moan and complain, espouse the problems of the world. How often do we stand around while evil reigns around us? With our hands over our eyes, over our ears, over our mouths in a parody of the three monkeys 'See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil' Oh, yes, we love to talk! But we don't like to do anything, get involved. 

Maybe it's cowardice; we don't want to get harmed, move out of our comfort zone, put ourselves at risk... 'It's someone else's problem'. But what about that loved one, sibling, or even total stranger being harmed in our full knowledge, even maybe in our sight. No, it's not our problem, their are other people whose job it is to do something; the police, a social worker, just not me! Or maybe we just don't care!

We Are Not Human If We Permit Evil

How can we call ourselves human, or even sentient beings if we stand by while evil reigns supreme? We cannot call ourselves 'sentient' when through our inaction children, the elderly, the weak are raped, assaulted and  murdered. We have no right to live if we fail to get involved, protect the helpless.Or maybe we don't think these horrific acts are evil?

But we talk about it! Talking is NOT ENOUGH! We look to politicians to solve the woes of society. But all politicians ever do is TALK!. Oh, they'll happily form yet another committee, another council, another organisation to DISCUSS the problem. But they won't do anything. No, not unless we who vote form them force them to take action. And having required their efforts, unless they are constantly pushed to action, they'll simply brag about the results when a handful of perpetrators are brought to justice.

Raped Every 4 Minutes

That's the shocking state of our society. A woman, girl-child or grandmother is raped every four minutes in South Africa. Infants a few months old and elders in their 90's are not immune to this scourge of evil we permit to continue unabated.

And yes, we do permit it! Our own inaction allows this evil to continue. While we stand around wailing about the ills of society, more victims rise every 4 minutes.

Think about this: In the time it took me to write this tirade, 8 women, children or elderly were raped!

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  1. People get the leaders they deserve- Nietsche

    Educate the upcoming generation. Police the vulnerable areas. This is not about race, class or socioeconomic conditions, nor about traditional rights- it is about humanity, it is about UBUNTU