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Whingeing About The Economy: PE

I'm tired of hearing how bad things are in PE. The economy is dead, there’s no business, there’s no work, there’s no, ……., whatever!!!

Port Elizabeth
 Now forgive me if the ‘experts’ don’t agree with you’ all, but looking at economic commentary, it would seem you guys are not in such a pickle as you would have the rest of us believe.

This one form your own city website:

"PE Economy "strong growth" 
Construction work is happening at a frantic rate – our new soccer stadium, infrastructure, not to mention the Coega deepwater harbour – with the international aluminium smelter group Alcan signing recently as the anchor tenant.

From one of the countries larger financial institutions:

“Boom Potential”
First National Bank property strategist John Loos says residential property prices have risen 355% in the Port Elizabeth and Uitenhage areas over the past 10 years, according to Absa statistics. Loos says this was slightly higher than the national average of 341%

And Finally:

“Massive Investment in Eastern Cape Automotive sector:

It’s a strange new syndrome that’s become commonplace these days; business is so bad, feel sorry for me and support my business. Is this attitude supposed to encourage customers to support their firm?

I always understood the way to generate more business was to create the impression; we are so busy, but we will make a plan to provide x/y/z whatever it takes....
It was considered imperative to create an impression of success, even if this was a façade: Customers don’t want to deal with firms’ perceived as not doing well.

Take a real life example – the IT sector. Large retail IT box movers support high rentals, provide a range of what are generally inferior or down rated products, and in many cases provide little or no after sales support; BUT they move boxes – the buying public is given the impression because they have a fancy outlet, national branding for their stores, and so on, these are successful firms. And they are to a large extent, more often than not entirely due to the original impression of being successful…

On the other hand, numerous smaller entities, which typically provide a better grade product, at a lower price, and give outstanding after sales backup service, struggle along. Commonly, these guys have to compete at marginal profit levels, to get any business at all (been there, done that, got the IT cigar).

This new fangled impression 'we have no business' can only ask the question  in a prospective customer's mind: WHY? - is the product/service provided so rotten your customers went elsewhere?

In the past few years, I’ve offered several of these whingeing business ‘managers’ in PE free advertising, both in selectively targeted print material and on the web, to boost their sales… Well, guess what, I’m still waiting for a response! They were to a man too ambivalent about their situation to make the effort simply to say "yes". Perhaps it's because they would have to provide their own content material; at least some photos, text content and such! Fuck that! A horse can be taken to water, but no force on earth will make it drink unless it makes the effort itself!
Stop blaming the economy for your woes - it's exactly that attitude that created this so called 'economic depression'. Get out and generate new customers, get new product lines, do something different. There's a massive potential customer base in the Eastern Cape. (And don't tell me nobody's got any money… THATS JUST ANOTHER EXCUSE). Find something people in your region want or need, and provide it WITH ENTHUSIASM!

Perhaps in the case of PE, that last comment is impossible – they haven’t had a new idea in 53 years (my lifespan); one of the reasons I got the hell out of ‘Dodge’ all those years ago. Enthusiasm was never a by-word considered in the same breath as "PE". Risk taking is a concept as alien as Betelgueuse.

If you want to get your business to be more successful,, and are too lazy, shortsighted or incompetent to do it yourself; hire an expert professional in the field (I'd be willing to quote, but I doubt you could afford my fees, definitely not after I’ve added ‘frustration compensation’ to the bill. (Besides, you'd have to fill in an online request form - Oh No! Too Much Effort).

As little as a year ago, I was seriously considering a branch operation of a business start-up, which by it’s nature would provide support to local existing enterprises. I also considered an option to locate my main operation there. Fuck That! They must be left to wallow in their own brand of misery. Quite frankly, I would go absolutely insane having to put up with this attitude of ‘despair’ every day of my life.

WAKE UP people. Admit it; none of you in ‘sleepy city’ have any motivation whatsoever to do anything more than you already do. So What! It’s your choice to remain at that level. Admit you are happy as you are. You’re the lucky ones. A lack of driving ambition is great; no stress, no effort needed, no REWARD. Just be honest about it, and stop whining about how "bad things are".

Bird Rock Beach

So just sit back in your comfort zone, always moaning, but doing fuck-all to help yourselves...Hell 90% of you never even go to what are some of the best beaches in South Africa - It's so much 'easier' just to stay at home and mope. How many of you have ever climbed Lady's Slipper, and seen the forests on the other side, that cannot be seen from the N2 highway. Very few  I wager - it's too much effort.

POST SCRIPTUM: For all those of you that I have offended: I hail from Port Elizabeth, where I spent a significant portion of my life, and if nothing else, I have the knowledge of the place, and the right by to be critical of the prevailing attitude, which does nothing to boost the image of what could be a pretty damn nice place.

Lived here for 13 years
The next 5 years (and 3 more later)

Besides, I'm young enough to not have to be concerned whether people are offended, and old enough not to care if they are!

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  1. Angazivukasizwe15 May 2011 at 14:51

    Also waiting for Government handouts? People, that's self-defeatist slave mentality. If you want a helping hand you'll find it on the end of your arm!