Monday, 7 March 2011

51 Rhinos – One Poacher One Bullet

51 Rhinos killed this year - March 2011

This disturbing statement was heard on the news today, prompting me to put aside my prepared ‘rant for the day’ in favour of what is definitely a more serious and poignant subject.

51 Rhinos poached in South Africa already this year!!!!! How long before there are none left to kill?

Prison sentences & fines, no matter how stiff are not a deterrent. When Kenya and Tanganyika had a poaching problem in the Serengeti, they found out the hard way there is only one remedy;

SHOOT TO KILL POACHERS ON SIGHT… No long drawn out court cases, no lawyers mucking up the trial, no bail, no free board and lodging for the perpetrators, If they are in a nature reserve, on a game farm, without due permission, and especially if they are carrying weapons. SHOOT THE FUCKERS, preferably from a long way away, so no risk incurs to the wardens and rangers.

Don’t ask questions, just shoot them

These people are not there to garner food; they are there for financial gain. Shoot them. On sight!

The slaughter continues. By the end of 2011, one rhino died (to supply far-eastern morons with horns)  at an average rate of 1 rhino every TWENTY HOURS.

Chinese rhino poaching ringleaders get minimal prison sentences when they are very occasionally aprehended inSouth Africa, yet China sees fit to EXECUTE a young South African woman for being misled into smuggling coacaine or some such irrelevant nonsense.

Wht don't we (South Africa) execute Chinese criminals for poaching and smuggling rhino parts. We don't NEED their cheaply made crap products, we need our rhino more - ALIVE.

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