Monday, 24 October 2011

Hell I'm Good!

Solved Panda - the Internets Biggest Issue Lately

This Post is Total Self Aggrandisement anyway you look at it 

Google hit the online world last month with a new way of considering content to offer searchers - the Panda 2.5 algorithm.

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Let's just say there weren't all that many sites unaffected. My web blog (GraphiclineWeb) went from top of the results to 0 overnight, along with just about every site not carrying Google's AdWords and Pay Per Click ads (Well they are now mainly an advertising business after all). Bloody hell, sites that copied my articles word for word were getting page one placement - they all had Google Ads....

It's been a rough month not seeing Google as a referrer in blog stats. Lots of looking at the more technical aspects of blog. Checking content 'quality', hair pulling, teeth gnashing. Researching 'the Panda', writing about Panda. I ended up getting more referrals from Stumble Upon than search engines - 72 in one day... I've never had more than 1 or 2 a week from them.

Back in Results and new WordPress Website

Last week, back in Google results, better than ever! And the top articles - those about Panda 2.5. Damn the irony. Just before seeing the multi-colour logo in referrers I had begun the process of moving the blog to a self hosted domain. Getting the damn thing back where it belongs stopped that.

Ah, but that worked out well too. I've been intending to do a WordPress CMS build for ages (overdue in fact), so now I have started one. And the subject - right now it's becoming a step by step guide to setting up a WordPress Content Management System for a small business website, called SME Technology. And it's excluded from Search engine results for now, at least until some more work on the basic system has been completed.

Now to get my main website back there too - I de-listed it from Google completely, early during the Panda 2.5 flux period, to have a really good look at the self made problems. That's the hassle when you use your main site to test things out, and change over to a new system - broken links, missing links and such... Just about all fixed now, and re-included in Google's listings - Late Saturday Night. A few more weeks and it will be back on the first page of G's results. And I still need to decide what I want the front page to look like. Dithering over that! 

And even without Google results for 3 weeks, the sites still holding in the top 179k worldwide, well within top 200 South African, for traffic. Damn it, I was getting worried about TOO MUCH traffic to the site. Visitors have been getting "Server Busy" errors, and I really cannot afford to upgrade the hosting package to allow more simultaneous connections. Aaarrggghhhh!

Now I'm an "Authority"


Now it seems I'm a bleeding 'Authority'... The only share button code (using a custom image) that seems to work for everyone, the fix for Generic24 trojans, now "Panda". Aggghhhhh! All very well, an ego trip I don't need; bloody hell, I know I'm GOOD. Being good doesn't get me anywhere nearer the coast, or a cent closer to a wretched fishing boat - Keep the ego rubbish, I'd rather be FISHING!

Well, at least not too shabby for a totally self taught geek and web designer who learned HTML over a christmas and new year weekend, and Drupal in a few weeks. (well enough to cope - and I really enjoy the total disbelief when I post a 'fix' on one of the problem forums and mention "3 months working Drupal", that's fine, don't try my fix... You'll come to the same result in time anyway). Yeah, I spent a fair amount of 'informal' time around Varsity Campuses - lot's of great friendly young women, what more could a surfing hippy ask for...

Ironic; I'm writing instructional articles on setting up WordPress, hell, this is the FIRST WordPress installation I have done, nor even an offline trial - straight onto a live site, straight into telling others how to do it... Aaarrrghhhh! It's simply Rocket Science.

Better than all those so called 'experts' (what's that? a has been drip if I'm not mistaken). Next time some idiot wants to know about my 'qualifications' don't blame me if they get the wrong end of this wolf's teeth... Results speak for themselves, moron!

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